Personal Information Protection Policy

[ Menu to be Gathering Information ]
- Speaker Invitation Inquiry
- Newsletter Submission

[ Personal Information to be Collected ]
- Name, Organization, Position, E-mail, Telephone number, Mobile phone number

[ Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information ]
- Basic Information of the person who requested speaker, for the purpose to respond
- Basic Information of the person who agreed to receive newsletter, for the purpose to send newsletter.
- Enhancement of service quality (Customer-oriented service)

[ Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information ]
- In principle, personal information collected from speaker request and newsletter subscription will be retained in the database for 3 years. It is only used for speaker request related consultation, newsletter mailing service and enhancement of service quality. All personal information is destroyed immediately after 3 years.

ABOUTPlatform Maker for People-centered Knowledge

Seoul Speakers Bureau is the Platform for People-centered Knowledge
where people meet to create the knowledge and value.

In the information-oriented global society of the 21st century, knowledge is growing faster than ever before as being shared and
communicated with. Even if the face-face meeting is decreasing after COVID-19, the knowledge has been discussed and shared more actively
through the online and digital technologies so that the sustainable human intellectual exchanges are being more important day by day.

And Seoul Speakers Bureau provides preemptive and initiative solutions to meet the global standards.

Since 2008, based on the domestic & international network and as the expertise of contents creation for over 10 years,
Seoul Speakers Bureau provides the open platform to communicate with global leaders from all over the world and,
develops knowledge programs for offering valuable information and strategic insight.

Business Fields

    Book speakers fitting purpose, topic, budget of lecture
    Handle the contract and schedule with speakers
    Customize the presentation contents


    Promote domestic speakers into overseas
    Invite foreign speakers to Korea markets
    Marketing by suitable conditions for speaker


    Propose foremost and initiative agendas
    Organize sessions’ programs
    Create sustainable and competitive conferences


    Target clients : Industry, Government, Media etc.
    Analyze events’ conditions and market-feasibility
    Develop the optimized original convention brand


    Search for competitive international conventions
    Provide the strategic consulting to host conventions
    Design the bidding & proposal presentation


    Provide one-stop solution for online events
    Propose and book virtual speakers
    Manage rehearsal, pre-recording or live broadcast

Online Events
Online events including virtual meeting and webinar are increasing worldwide as one of the inevitable trends.
It is not the matter of moving existing in-person events to the online platform.
It should switch total operation methods, technology and contents to fit the nature of online
And here, Seoul Speakers Bureau leads online events to success with newly proposed optimal format of
on-line program, based on the professional of Speaker Engagement & Management and experience to
Contents Creation & Program Consulting.
Especially, through the networking with oversea bureaus, partnership with renowned PCOs with ICT research centers,
You can meet the One-Stop Solution for the entire process from preparation to implement of online event.
  • Book Virtual Speaker
    Engage professional speakers who have experience on
    online speech and fit with the topic & budget
  • Provide Virtual Guidelines
    By Briefing call with speakers, discuss
    presentation contents and ensure technical guideline
  • Support Online Platform
    Support speakers’ rehearsal, live broadcast or
    pre-recording via the host-preferred platform
  • Manage over legal disputes
    Prepare for contracts against the legal dispute
    over copyright & IP and give post-monitoring
  • The International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB) is a nonprofit trade membership organization of speakers bureaus and lecture agencies.
    Founded in 1986, IASB provides leadership to speaker-industry through education, resources and partnerships with over 110 members worldwide.
  • Ez pmp Co., Ltd, is a professional mega MICE PM group, equipped with expertise, professional experiences and knowledge acquired in MICE business home and abroad since 2003.
    It successfully performs marketing and implement of events, exhibitions and conventions.
  • As EZPMP’s affiliated research institute,
    it researches and develops ICT convergence
    technologies applicable to MICE,
    so that equips the innovative professionality and
    distinguished competitiveness
    to lead MICE industry.